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Fees & Value

How much does the aura planning process cost and what is involved at each stage of the process?

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Initial Scoping

What's involved?

Initial consultation to decide on scope of the project: What the project is: purpose, size, time constraints etc. and who would be part of the Aura Plan


The value in the initial scoping will be in an explanation of the process tailored to your project. This could give you a different and new perspective about what you are undertaking. It opens up the possibility for unforeseen ideas to start to emerge.


A project proposal and fee estimate


Free of charge

The Aura Plan

What's involved?

One-to-one conversations with key people. Depending on the size of the project and the number of conversations. A couple deciding how to tackle their house project may need only two conversations. A
neighbourhood or town centre would need a wider range of conversations grouped approximately into
activators, users and designers. 
The cross-referencing of the individual conversations results in several atmospheric descriptors that together encapsulates aura wanted.



The Aura-plan communicates the aura of your project to the designer or design team. This will
be much more than the physical dimensions, functional relationships, materials and style; it will define how you want the experience of being in your project to feel. The seven basic components of a project’s
atmosphere in aura-planning is the prospect, threshold welcome, stay and their light, sound and air
quality. The descriptors are the unique combination of these components. For the architect designing a
domestic project of for the collective output of a full design team for a large project, these descriptors will be what they will need to demonstrate in all aspects of their design contribution.


Aura-plan with descriptors defining the feel you want in your project. The format can be digital or printed as a hardback book or physical reference book of the aura plan.


The fee for the Aura plan will be in proportion to the size and complexity of the project and needs to be
based in its unique circumstances. The fee will pay for the collection of the available history surrounding the project site and will relate directly to the number of individual conversations required. The project may develop as a consequence of the process from the initial scope and the fee may need to be reviewed.

Demonstration Designs

What's involved?

We can produce design options and examples to illustrate your project’s Aura Plan. Options in sketch schemes will emerge in detailed discussion and developed if required, into hardline 3D computer drawings and physical study models as shown in some of the sector examples.



The demonstration designs will create further value by giving more definition to the Aura Plan, explaining in more detail what the feel of the project that you are seeking. We will design to the descriptors that have emerged from the Aura Plan. Although this will put the project back into the normal design process it will not only be based on a the aura that you and the users want but act as a check that the descriptors are working and that there are design options that can achieve aura described.

The demo designs can also be used for wider discussions, for example in pre-planning and planning applications, funding and to assist in building up the full design team.


Sketch Designs; 3D computer studies; Physical study models.


Fees for this work would depend on the complexity of the project and would need tool be pre agreed in
principle in the initial proposal. The fee would be offset against savings it makes in the eventual full
design team fees generated by the strategic briefing for a building or the public consultations needed for bigger projects.


Aura Planning in Action

If you want a building to satisfy the emotional needs of its users, then get in touch. Our Aura Planning approach is very flexible but we focus on a range of areas:


“We have a terraced house in South London and didn’t like the ‘off-the-shelf’ designs offered by kitchen side return specialists. Aura Planning helped us discover what was important for us. It really opened up the possibilities and we’re delighted with the resulting space.”


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